I take great pride in my appearance and I love to take time getting ready for a perfect date with a true gentleman. I will always ensure my hands and feet are immaculate and my personal hygiene always at the highest of standards. Therefore I kindly ask you as well take pride in your appearance as you would like of me so we can both relax and enjoy. 

If I were to describe my style it would be classy, elegant and sophisticated with a hint of sex appeal. You can be assured I will never dress inappropriately for our dates and can definitely look flawless in public with great style. If you do however have any preferences for my undergarments please let me know as I like to be dressed exactly how you vision in your mind ! If not I am sure you will be impressed with my extensive collection of beautiful pieces of underwear.

My main aim for us is to ensure we enjoy every second of our time together. I am here to cater to your needs and desires and that is what I promise to do. 



Date rules

By agreeing to meet me you adhere to these rules.

  • Dates exceeding 3/+ hours include food and beverages.

  • Overnight/travel dates include 7 hours of undisrupted sleep.

  • Travel dates include all expenses costs covered by yourself.

  • No excessive contact outside our date times unless agreed in an arrangement

  • No high risk behaviour will occur in our date.

    *Please note dates are only for my companionship and anything that occurs within the date is between two consenting adults.